How to Build a
Walkway or Boardwalk

Using the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM

There are many ways you can add atmosphere to your garden with landscaping. A wooden walkway or elevated boardwalk is a great way to shape or connect your garden, add a natural flow along your favorite flower beds or a practical pathway around your veggie garden.

A simple wooden boardwalk is not a difficult thing to build and if you use GroundPlug®  TwisterTM footings for your walkway you won’t need to do any laborsome digging at all. You will be done with your walkway project in just a day or two.

Use the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM for raised or ground level footpaths

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM can be used for both raised or groundlevel walkways. In this project, which was quite a long walkway in a challenging forest terrain, the GroundPlug® TwisterTM footings where combined with a baseplate and steel beams to create a levelled structure for the 150 meter boardwalk angling its way through the trees.

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM offers a very high adjustment tolerance in all directions. This was a huge advantage with the many roots and rocks in the forest terrain, where digging to install traditional concrete footings would have been extremely difficult and time consuming.

  1. Build and level your walkway support beams
    Combine the beams for your walkway with brackets placing the beams about 80 cm apart  or 20-30 cm closer than the planned width of your walkway boards
  2. Set desired height and level the walkway beams
    Use pavers to position the walkway beams at the required height and level with wedges
  3. Position the GroundPlug® TwisterTM footings and and drive them into the ground
    Screw the GroundPlug® TwisterTM footing into the ground using an electric drill, impact wrench or handtool with socket wrench. Align the top of the nut with the bottom of the wooden beams.
  4. Mount the GroundPlug® TwisterTM footing to the beams
    Bolt the angle brackets to the footings and then to the side of the wooden beams using galvanized screws.
  5. Remove temporary supports under wooden beams
    The walkway supports are now ready for installation of your choosen walkway boards.
Fast and easy installation with common tools
How the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM works:

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a smart no-dig footing solution that consists of:

1 GroundPlug® TwisterTM, 1 bracket & 1 bolt

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM can be installed fast and easy with commonly available tools in only 15 seconds per footing.

Easy to use - Fast installation
Install with common tools
Want to create atmosphere
in your garden?
Walkway footings - also for elevated boardwalk

GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM makes landscaping much easier. Install a wooden walkway or footpath in just 1 weekend.

Products used:

This school walkway of 150 meters through forest vegetation where digging down concrete footings would have been very challenging. For this project we used:

If you don’t need to elevate your footpath and you have good carrying capacity you the GroundPlug® TwisterTM M12/600 mm will be sufficient.

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