How to build a deck

Using the GroundPlug Easy Mounting System©

See how we built a deck with the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM: If you are somewhat handy, building a wooden deck is really not that difficult and with the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM you won’t need to dig or pour, you simply align your beams and install the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings  with an impact wrench or similar hand tools.

How to build a deck: Building a deck is a great way of extending your home and utilizing your outdoor space. Below you can see how to build a wooden deck step by step. From aligning your deck foundation and mounting your Twister deck footings to the finished deck, ready for a family barbecue.


How to build a deck: Use the Easy Mounting System for small or large deck building projects

This project was quite a large deck building project of 114 m2 built on sloping ground in direct connection and level with the house. The old deck was removed, the deck area extended and a level added for a submerged spa.

The deck was built with treated pine, adding a nice rail wide enough for seating. Below the elevated spa deck a storage room was created, easily accessible behind the pull-out steps to the upper deck.

How to build a deck: Build and level your deck foundation

  1. Combine the beams of your deck foundation
    Combine the wooden beams of the deck foundation with brackets placing beams about 60 cm apart
  2. Set desired height
    Use pavers to position the deck foundation at the required height
  3. Level the deck foundation
    Use a level to check that your deck foundation is horisontally levelled

How to build a deck: Position and mount the deck footings

  1. Position the deck footings and and drive them into the ground
    Screw the Twister footings into the ground using an impact wrench (commonly used for changing tires). Align the top of the nut with the bottom of the wooden beams.
  2. Mount the footings to the beams
    Place the washer between the bolt and the bracket and bolt the angle brackets to the footings. Mount the brackets to the side of the wooden beams using galvanized screws.
  3. Remove temporary supports under wooden beams
    The decking foundation is now ready for installation of your chosen decking boards.
How the GroundPlug®
Easy Mounting SystemTM works:

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a smart no-dig footing solution that consists of:

  • 1 GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footing
  • 1 bracket
  • 1 bolt with washer

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM can be installed fast and easy with commonly available tools in just a few minutes per footing.

Easy to use - Fast installation
Install with common tools
DIY Deck building

Get your decking project done much sooner with the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM.


Pinterest is a great source for visual inspiration on how to decorate your deck, once it is built and ready. Check out some nice ideas here

Products used:

For a large decking project like this, more GroundPlug® TwisterTM footings are required than for most common sized decking projects.

For this 114 m2 project we used:

32 GroundPlug® TwisterTM M12 600 mm

32 GroundPlug® TwisterTM M12 750 mm

24 GroundPlug® TwisterTM M16/750 mm

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